RESTArt Changelog

Here you can see the full list of changes between each RESTArt release.

Version 0.1.3

Released on Feb 21st 2016.

  • Always render HTTPException messages into JSON
  • Move CORSMiddleware out of RESTArt (use the RESTArt-CrossDomain extension for CORS instead)
  • Remove tests for CORSMiddleware
  • Remove the configuration options for CORS
  • Update documentation
  • Upgrade the Python-EasyConfig dependency

Version 0.1.2

Released on Dec 30th 2015.

  • Refactor the Adapter module for better usage
  • Add -a, --adapter argument to the restart utility
  • Select the first renderer class if no format suffix is specified
  • Add context keyword argument to Parser.parse() and Renderer.render()
  • Use _locked_cached_classproperty_<method-name> (instead of <method-name>) as the default name of the cached class property, which holds the calculated result for the locked_cached_classproperty decorated class property
  • Implement the get_embedded_rules method of WerkzeugAdapter
  • Update documentation
  • Update examples

Version 0.1.0

Released on Oct 3rd 2015.

  • Add support for resource-level middleware classes
  • Bind a mutable attribute (whose name starts with an underscore) to each request property
  • Fix bugs for importing extensions
  • Refactor the logic for parsing request data or files
  • Refactor the logic for rendering response data
  • Add the SERVER_NAME configuration option
  • Add support for registering URIs with format suffixes
  • Add changelog
  • Add support for Python 2/3 compatibility
  • Re-raise unhandled exceptions with their tracebacks
  • Add http_method_not_allowed as the default action
  • Get multiple query arguments from the request correctly

Version 0.0.8

Released on Jul 19th 2015.

  • Update documentation
  • Add makefile
  • Add support for extension development
  • Add the Adapter classes to handle framework adaptions
  • Add testing tools
  • Add support for Middleware
  • Add support for CORS

Version 0.0.5

Released on Jun 26th 2015.

Version 0.0.2

Released on May 17th 2015.

The first release.